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Video: Puakea Nogelmeier on Alii Letters at Hawaiian Mission Houses – Apr 22, 2017

Awaiaulu Executive Director, Puakea Nogelmeier speaks about the Alii Letters project in this 2017 video shot at Hawaiian Mission Houses. Hawaiian Mission Houses collaborated with Awaiaulu Foundation to digitize, transcribe, translate and annotate over 200-letters written by 33-Chiefs.

The letters, written between 1823 and 1887, are assembled from three different collections: the ABCFM Collection held by Harvard’s Houghton Library, the HEA Collection of the Hawaii Conference-United Church of Christ and the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society.

These letters provide insight into what the Ali‘i (Chiefs) were doing and thinking at the time, as well as demonstrate the close working relationship and collaboration between the aliʻi and the missionaries.