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Awaiaulu is dedicated to developing resources and resource people that can bridge Hawaiian knowledge from the past to the present and the future.
We achieve our mission and purpose through the production of accessible resources and the development of resource people.
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“Aia ka naauaoio o ka lahui

o kekahi aupuni a paa na moolelo

o kona aina kulaiwi iaia.”

“A nation is truly enlightened

when its people know

the stories of their land.”

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Our beginnings

Awaiaulu is organized exclusively for educational purposes, including perpetuating and advancing use of the Hawaiian language, and training Hawaiian language translators and editors to reach our overarching goals.

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Our current work

In addition, Awaiaulu focuses time, attention and resources on generating Hawaiian language books, translations, and other educational material for universities, schools, research arenas, and the general public.

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Community Engagement

Funding is provided from grants, contributions, contracts, and sales, including research, translating and re-presenting Hawaiian language texts from the past for modern Hawaiian and English-language audiences.

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