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Māhuahua Translation Training Phase IV

Māhuahua is a two-year extension of Awaiaulu’s past 6 years of translation training, expanding the experience of 14 participants who have each completed 2, 4, or 6 years of training.

They will now operate as 5 teams, each pursuing a broad range of research, selection, translation, and analysis of selected fields in the repository of Hawaiian-language historical materials. Each team will collect and chart all Hawaiian sources for the subject, and then select a body of several hundred articles for transcription in modern orthography, translation to English, and preparation for digital publication.

Each team will spend about 6 months mapping the larger body of primary materials in a selected field and generating bilingual resources for a portion of that field. The process should generate 20 new collections, or ʻohina — field-related resources for researchers, educators, and learners at every level.