Translation of Disney’s Animated Film Moana – 2017

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Awaiaulu was approached by UHWO’s Chancellor, Dr. Maenette Benham to take on the translation and dubbing of Disney’s animated film Moana, and we accepted the challenge. While English-to-Hawaiian translation is not the focus of Awaiaulu’s training, our participants gain familiarity with the more-classical forms of the language that seemed to align well with the goals […]

Kikokiko Aulani – 2017-2018

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Manakō Tanaka, an MA graduate in Hawaiian and the 2017-2018 Disney Ambassador for Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, established and coordinated a volunteer effort that allowed Cast Members (Employees) of the Walt Disney Company to type newspaper images. The original newspapers, issues of Ka Na’i Aupuni from 1906-1908 that had never been microfilmed or […]

MHM No Ke Kalaiaina – 2017

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Awaiaulu translated the 1838 text “No Ke Kalaiaina” (216 pages) by William Richards from Hawaiian to English as a project for the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historical Site and Archive. This project was part of an effort to develop resources to illuminate the history of the mission presence in Hawaiʻi as the bicentennial year approaches (2019-2020) […]

OHA East Coast Archival Research & Indexing Trip

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We propose to send a team of five (5) for eleven (11) days to document the Hawaiian material holdings of the above mentioned institutions while creating relationships that can foster the integration of those materials into the mainstream of Hawaiian resources.

Kai Loa Language Specialist Contract Year 1 – 2017-2018

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Awaiaulu is working with the faculty and administration of Kamakau School to assess and improve Hawaiian language use in classes and throughout the campus. The language specialist (Awaiaulu) is assessing the levels of Hawaiian language of all teachers and staff, making recommendations on an individual and group basis, while providing training for teaching faculty, staff, […]

Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea Committee

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We have been asked to be a resource to help build a website of the historical events surrounding Lā Hoʻihoʻi Ea.

Mission Children’s Museum Aliʻi Letters Translation Project

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Translate correspondence held the Hawaiʻi Mission Childrens Museum between the aliʻi and the missionaries. Puakea, Hina Kneubuhl, Jon Yasuda and Hilinaʻi Sai-Dudoit.

Translation Training Phase II: – Ke Aupuni Mōʻī – 2015-2017

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Awaiaulu provides a mentorship training in translation that progresses in 2-year phases. Translation trainees from Phase I, Kalei Kawaʻa and Kamuela Yim, committed to a second phase as trainers-in-training. The second 2-year phase began with Dr. Nogelmeier and the two trainers-in-training selecting, inviting, and securing the commitment of 4 highly-skilled and fluent individuals as interns […]

OHA Aliʻi Letters Project – 2015-2016

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The goal of this project, initiated by Awaiaulu and funded by OHA, was to collect, transcribe, and translate 75  letters written between the time the chiefs first gained written literacy in 1822 and the beginning of the constitutional monarchy in 1840. Processed as a training project with three and four trainees participating in various phases, […]

Hawaiian National Bibliographies by David Forbes – 2016

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In collaboration with David W. Forbes has collected, organized and digitized the four volumes of Hawaiian National Bibliographies for posting on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs digital library located at for free, unhampered access to the public. We digitized all four volumes in its original state and then individually created files for all of […]