Translation Training Phase I: – Ke Kumu Aupuni – 2013-2015

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Awaiaulu provides a mentorship training in translation that progresses in 2-year phases. Translation trainees from Phase I of this series were Kalei Kawaʻa and Kamuela Yim, two fluent speakers of Hawaiian who were already teachers in the immersion classroom. After spending time on translation theory and translating a variety of example texts, the text chosen […]

Landmark Initiative – 2016

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As Ka Moʻolelo o Hiʻiakaikapoliopele and The Epic Tale of Hiʻiakaikapoliopele were prepared for publication, three hundred special sets of the Hawaiian and English volumes were crafted, hand bound in goat-leather and silk, and encased in a silk-covered clamshell box.  One hundred of these legacy sets were sold at $1,500 each, and two hundred were dedicated […]

ʻIke Kūʻokoʻa

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ʻIke Kūʻokoʻa — Liberating Knowledge — was Awaiaulu’s first ever crowd-sourcing project, launched on 28 November 2011 and closed on 31 July 2012.  Volunteers were to manually create text files from digital images of newpapers and language fluency was not required. With the help of AP International, our plea went worldwide throughout much of November, 2011. […]

Washington Place Foundation: Liliʻuokalani at Washington Place – 2011

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In a project founded by Washington Place Foundation and under Awaiaulu’s direction, Kauʻi Sai-Dudoit and Sahoa Fukushima were tasked to collect articles on Liliʻuokalani in relation to her home, Washington Place. Drawing on both the Hawaiian and English newspapers, a digital archive was generated, which is a resource for the WPF and is online at: […]

Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame Melody Archive – 2010

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The Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame asked Awaiaulu to work with Bill Kaʻiwa to generate a melody archive for the many songs published in the 1890s that had been taught to Bill by elders when he was young. Puakea arranged weekly interviews with Uncle Bill at his home in Kāneʻohe where, in the course of […]

The JIMAR Database – 2009-2010

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Funded in 2009 by the Joint Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research, this collaborative project was housed under the Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge and operated through the offices of Awaiaulu. The goal of the project was to identify historical references and accounts regarding “weather” in the broadest sense of the word. Graduate Research Assistants […]

Hoʻolaupaʻi – 2002-2009

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When a new form of OCR technology became available in 1999, Nakila Steele funded a trial project to train operators to use the ABBYY FineReader program to generate searchable text from digital images of old newspapers. Initiated  through Alu Like Inc. as The Hawaiian Newspaper Project, after one year the initiative was moved to Bishop Museum […]

HUINA (Hui Unuhi I Nā ʻAtikala) Newspaper Translation Project – 2011

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HUINA employed an experimental method of generating good quality translations while providing a group of engaged young scholars with the skill sets and familiarity needed for working with the Hawaiian newspaper cache. The experimental aspect of the project was to measure production and progress in a system that diminished the mentor/trainee interaction, the approach upon […]

Sea Grant Hawaiʻi — 2005-2016

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Awaiaulu’s collaboration with the University of Hawaiʻi Sea Grant Program has spanned over a decade and has paralleled the expanding access to the Hawaiian resources.  As people became aware of the range of historical information contained in the Hawaiian cache, Sea Grant’s Liz Kumabe asked Kauʻi Sai-Dudoit and Hoʻolaupaʻi for a team to search the […]

Translation of Hiʻiakaikapoliopele – 2004-2006

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Awaiaulu was established in late 2003, and translation training was begun in January of 2004 with two selected trainees, Sahoa Fukushima and Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada.  After a period of reviewing translation theories and translating sections of various source texts for hands-on practice, Ka Moʻolelo o Hiʻiakaikapoliopele was selected as the primary text for our training efforts. […]